Commodities Transport

Commodities transport makes up a growing portion of the work we do for our customers. Our drivers spend each day on the road making deliveries across the Mid-Atlantic and portions of the Central US, so when you have commodities to haul, chances are we’re already close by and able to help.

We haul a wide variety of commodities for a diverse group of agricultural farms. This often includes barley, corn, soybeans and wheat, just to name a few.

Our drivers can unload your commodities almost anywhere – feed bins, rail cars, pits, commodity bays, barn floors, totes and more and haul up to nine separate product orders in one run. We efficiently unload commodities with one of our three unloading equipment processes.

End Dump
Our recently updated fleet has the hauling capacity to make end dump deliveries highly efficient. Your commodities are unloaded quickly, with great care given to every product we haul.

Pneumatic Blower
We use a pneumatic blower to unload your commodities wherever you need them. Our blower can handle even highly remote locations.

Overhead Auger 
Our drivers can also deliver your load with our auger trailer. The auger trailer’s boom allows us to precisely unload overhead to a bin, tote, barn floor, or wherever it needs to go and complete your deliveries faster.

Whatever the type and quantity of the commodities you need to haul, our industry-leading equipment, hauling expertise, skilled drivers are ready to help.

To learn more about our commodities transport service and how we can help support your business, contact us today.

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