3 Things You Should be Looking for from your Next Employer

Commercial truck drivers are in high demand. If you’re looking to start a career as a commercial truck driver, or change employers, there are many things to consider as you weigh options. While every driver’s situation is unique, there are a few set things to consider as you speak with potential employers.

Below are three options to look for and negotiate as you look for the best employer match.

  1. Same Day Routes
    How important is it to you that you return home each night? Some transport companies offer their employees same day routes; a perk for drivers with families and young children. Regardless of whether you’re new to driving or a long-time veteran, having the ability to work same day routes gives you added flexibility and better work/life balance.
  2. No-Touch Freight Hauling
    A big benefit to drivers is always no-touch freight. Ask employers during the interview process the portion of their business that is no-touch. Not having to load and unload cargo means saved time during transit and less chance of injury. While not all hauls can be no-touch, knowing that it’s an option can be a job perk that pays dividends over time as drivers age.
  3. Competitive Pay
    No transport company out there can afford to hire a driver who doesn’t work hard and treat customers well. As long as you’re committed to working hard and being there when you say you will, only entertain job offers from transport companies willing to pay competitive rates.

At Goods, we value the hard work and long hours our driver’s put in with every haul. To us, it’s important to create an environment that rewards hard work and sets drivers up for success.

We currently have several openings for CDL drivers. To learn more about Good Transport and employment opportunities, or to request a phone screening with one of our team members, contact us today.